genhouseSure, it’s late in the summer, but sometimes it seems it is never too late to get your home in ship-shape! Here are a few items to make sure your home is taken care of.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

First of all, have your air conditioning unit tuned up. Your AC needs to be tuned-up just like your automobile. The tune up will inspect refrigerant levels –this is important for your AC to keep running cool and keep your electric bills low. Also you should ensure your fan is functioning, the coils are thoroughly cleaned, and there are no fire hazards with faulty wiring. Another tip — you can keep your AC running smoothly by changing air filters often.

Check Up on the Roof

Your roof should be inspected annually which will assist in finding a small problem before it becomes a large, leaky one. You may also want to clean your roof to avoid any permanent water damage.

Clean Out The Gutters

Cleaning gutters helps prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year: once at late fall (early winter), after all of the leaves have fallen and prior to the first snowfall, and once at late spring (early summer) after flowers, seeds and blossoms are done blowing into the gutters.

Wash the exterior

An important element of maintaining your home’s exterior is to clean it, and the easiest way to do so is to pressure wash the exterior walls. This will remove dirt, stains and mildew, especially useful prior to painting. Before you wash, cover plants, electrical outlets, windows and doors.

These are the basics to ensure your home is well-maintained. In the coming months I will post more homeowner tips for you.

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Brian Masemer

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